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Command Ops 2 Scenarios For Download:

Sledgehammer 1942:  The German Sixth Army launches a major ground operation to reach the Volga.
To download this scenario please click here.

A Question of Bridges:  May 1940 the Dutch Army launches a counterattack against the German forces in Arnhem.  This is a fictional scenario featuring a new Dutch Army OOB.
To download this scenario please click here.

Command Ops 1 Scenarios Available For Download:

Across the Tartar Ditch 1941:  The German 11th Army is moving across the Crimea with an eye on the port city of Sevastopol.  To reach their goal they must attack down the length of the fortified peninsula at Perekop and the fabled Tartar Ditch.
To download this scenario please click here.

Objective Taganrog 1941 - The fight to seize the Mius River bridge is underway.  Join the German 14th Panzer division as it launches it's attack to seize the bridge and the port of Taganrog on the Sea of Azov.
To download this scenario please click here.

Operation Hubertus - The Volga is freezing now and Russian forces are building up on the 6th Army's flanks.  The operational momentum is still in German hands however and one final push will be made by almost 2000 German Pioneers to crush the remaining pockets of Soviet resistance on the western bank in the wreckage of the City.
To download this scenario please click here.

Command Ops:  Fortress Riga 1944 Campaign
Bridges of Kekava - To download this scenario please click here.
To the Daugeva - To download this scenario please click here.

Command Ops Platoons:  These scenarios use a smaller scale.

Charge of the Pioneers 1942 - Eastern Front - German Pioneers launch an attack on the Red October and Lazur Factories as Operation Hubertus kicks off.  Nov. 9, 1942.
To download this scenario please click here.

Crossing the Dnieper 1943 - Eastern Front - A Soviet Rifle Regiment is ordered to attack a fortified position across the Dnieper river and establish a bridgehead there.
To download this scenario please click here.

Kekava Firefight 1944 - Eastern Front - The German 18th army is scrambling to setup a defensive line SE of Riga, Latvia along the Kekava river to cover their withdrawal through Riga.
For more information please click here.


Peter Winship said…
What happened to the Riga scenarios, Chris. The map looks lovely. The links to get the scenarios don't work, however.

Peter (Phoenix)
Chris said…
Hi Peter I will update the files today for .279 and post them here.
Oliver Hoffmann said…
Hi Chris, thank you for the great scenarios. I'm interested in taganrogg and ditch scenarios but they both crashed to desktop after different times within max 1 hour of playing time. I just downloaded the latest versions and the latest patch.
Can you check these two scenarios ?
Chris said…
Hi Oliver. Thanks for your interest and your comment! I will play them through today and see if I run into the same issue and reply with a comment here.

Peter Winship said…
Hey Chris. I've been starting to properly play the Taganrog scenario. I notice the Mius is crossable - even by wheels - and categorised as a minor river. Is this how you wanted it? It might have got bigger since WW2 but it's certainly not a fordable stream now, if you check it out on google earth, for example. It robs the 3 key bridges (and the southern ferry point) of their importance, somewhat, if it's relegated to a minor river with 10% movement for wheels and tracks. Did you have historical info suggesting it was so? Just wondering. Thanks. Peter
Chris said…
Hi Peter. If I remember correctly I found a note about the Mius being crossable. I will try and dig it up.
Peter Winship said…
OK. It looks like a major river, at least around the point where the three bridges are. I could see infantry crossing it upstream some way, but not armour. But I have no idea, of course. If you have a note to that effect then I'm sure that's right.

Thanks. Peter
Peter Winship said…
Wasn't comfortable with it, Chris. Looking at pics of the Mius I just can't see how tanks would ford it. So I went into mapmaker and changed the effects you had assigned to 'minor river' to '0' for mot and '5' for foot. Then I played it. Tough!! When the Axis forces are funnelled into the bridges it is HARD to get over!! Still trying. I guess it may be that altering the minor river properties like this also alters the play balance you devised.
Chris said…
Hi Peter. Let me know if you are interested in playtesting my next Tunisia scenario "Drive to Messouna."

If you are interested send me an email at chris(at)lcmstrategies(dot).com.

Wont be for a week or two.
Alan Taylor said…
Chris, what happened to the Sledgehammer 42 scenario?
Chris said…
Hi Alan. Here you go:
Alan Taylor said…
Many thanks, Chris.

I could not find S42 initially because link at top of Command Ops 1+2 page is broken.
Chris said…
Thanks for the heads up Alan. The link should be fixed now.
Dordo Bia said…
I have read from Matrix games forum ( about BFTB scenario battle of Merdjayoun but I can't find a link to download it.

Someone may help me ?

Many thanks
Jacob said…
I would love to see the Riga scenarios for Command Ops 2. Apart from that I'm delighted to see eastern front scenarios for Command Ops 2. Thank you for all your work, Chris and keep them coming!

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