Eastern Front Command Ops: Across the Tartar Ditch (1941) Available for Download

The German 11th Army operated in much different conditions than the other German armies to it's north.  Lacking air superiority and subject to counterattacks by Soviet naval infantry on their flanks along the Black Sea Coast  and large Russian formations to their east, they advanced steadily through the summer and fall of 1941 on the ultimate prize of Sevastopol.

A note about this scenario. I have not patched the game yet.  So I am running an older version of CO. This will force you, I believe, to open the map in mapmaker and generate a new map cache.  If you have a problem playing this scenario, please leave me a comment and I will work with you to fix it.

Scenario Briefing:

Semi historical scenario*
September 24 1941

The drive on Sevastopol is underway.  General von Manstein's 11th army has made excellent progress along the steppe but as they have closed on Sevastopol Russian resistance has stiffened.

Overhead the Soviet air force maintains air superiority and along the coasts Soviet naval infantry land at will.

Ahead lies the Perekop Isthmus and the fortified position of the Tartar Ditch.

German commander, Erik Oskar-Hansen:  You must breach the fortified line of the Tartar Ditch and seize Perekop to open up the main road to Sevastopol.

Intelligence reports the understrength 51st army opposes you though Soviet armor formations are massing on our flank to the east and may impact your offensive movements.

Soviet commander, General Kuznetsov: Hold at all costs.  Reinforcements are en route and the Soviet Air force for once has the upper hand.  They will work in close coordination with your tactical needs.

Don't give up the Tartar Ditch line.  It is our only hope.

*This scenario is semi-historic because troop placement sources were thin.  The participants are correct.

The map is a trace of an old US military cold war map.

A very special thanks to Tim at RangerX3X and Doug at Cry Havoc for the play testing and suggestions to various elements of this scenario.

Their blogs are:


Files are:
Scenario file.
Estab file.
Estab XML.
Map file.
Map cache.
Manstein signature (place in graphics/scenario/default folder)
Yeremenko signature (place in graphics/scenario/default folder)


Anonymous said…
Hi, will your scenarios work with the latest beta patch do you know? Or best to revert to the latest official patch release? Thanks in advance, Mark
Chris said…
Hi Mark, you can use the latest beta patch. you may need to open the scenario in scenmaker and save it. and then the map in mapmaker and save it.

to open the scenario in scenmaker it needs to be placed in the Force list folder. to play the game you need to move it back into the scenario folder.
Doug Miller said…
Certainly a topical release given current events in the region!
Chris said…
Doug it is! I recognize a few of the names in the news for sure.
Peter Winship said…
Just starting an ongoing AAR for this over in the LnL forum, Chris.
Peter Winship said…
hey chris. I just posted this screenshot over in L&L.