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Panzer Battles: East of the Orne - Part II AAR

Game:  Panzer Battles Normandy by Wargame Design Studio
Scenario designer:  David Freer

To read my Part I AAR click here.

After posting my first AAR, I received a great tip from David Freer the scenario designer and Wargame Design Studio chief to start combining my platoons into companies to gain the benefits of fatigue recovery.  That's quite a challenge given the scattered drops of the division.  I have managed in places to do so and I am benefitting from the cohesiveness of my 13th Para Bn around Herouvillette as the 21st Panzer counterattacks there.  I would also add that my knocking off the Merville battery closer to the beaches was due in large part to having a well organized Canadian battalion give it a go.

Final Thoughts:

This is a great scenario.  A night parachute drop over heavily defended Normandy turned out to be a meat grinder.  I took command with over 700 casualties after turn 1.

Rallying my men at night proved to be difficult.  My units ran into small units of Germa…

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