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Smolensk 41 Gold - Mogilev River Crossing AAR

Smolensk 41 Gold: This AAR is for a 25 turn scenario called "Mogilev River Crossing." It is a very manageable length and size. The units are at the battalion level which minimizes counter pushing.

The German commander is in charge of the XXIV Panzer Corps which is comprised of two panzer divisions (3rd and 4th), 10th Motorized division and a German cavalry division.  In the screen above you can see the space to maneuver which I really prefer.  I also like that the scenario designer gives the German player freedom to decide the axis of attack rather than placing the German forces in contact.

You can see by the Strength Dialog screen that the armies are pretty evenly matched.  The Germans control the skies in this early Barbarossa scenario which makes sense and their overall quality is higher as evidenced by the Victory Point values for each army (which also makes sense).

This is also a good test of a highly mechanized force (checkout the vehicle disparity) assaulting a well …

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