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Battle of Arroyo dos Molinos AAR

"Quo Fata Vocant -- Whither the Fates Call"Motto of the The West Kent

The weather is bad.  The October rains have caused the already poor roads north of Merida to turn into mud. General Girard is riding at the front of the column when he sights the village of Arroyo dos Molinos near Alcuescar.  We bivouac for the night there spilling into the dilapidated huts to get out of the rain and driving the villagers up the steep wooded hill behind the village to spend the night in the rocks cold and wet.

A hail storm  drives most of the pickets into the village overnight.  The campfires are burning low with the rain coming down. Visibility is poor.  There are still pickets from the 88e Line regiment west of the village sheltering in place when the British are sighted. They scatter the pickets with successive volleys, sending them into disorder and panic.

There had been reports of course that there were Allied columns in the area, but there are always reports of enemy movement and ver…

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