Friday, September 23, 2016

The Wargame Design Studio

I've been remiss about blogging about the new effort by David Freer and company at the Wargame Design Studio.

I am excited about the effort and grateful to play a small part on the team.  Check them out over here===>

Maleme, Crete

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Panzer Battles - Siivertsi Bridgehead 1944 Available For Download

Danish Volunteers of Regiment 24 "Danmark" outside of Narva, Estonia 1944.
Scenario Description:

Siivertsi, Estonia 06:00 Hrs, February 13, 1944: Overnight, Soviet forces from the 2nd Shock Army have taken advantage of the frozen Narva river to establish a bridgehead opposite the village of Siivertsi on the western bank. The German defense along the river and at the northernmost end of the Narva bridgehead has collapsed. Pioneer Abt. 54 has fallen back behind the Narva defensive line but is only supported by 16 Company Norge Regiment of the 11th Panzergrenadier Nordland Division. A reinforced battalion, Kampgruppe Krugel, is racing north along the river road to crush the bridgehead before Soviet forces can consolidate it.

Note about sourcing:  I've used a variety of online sources for this battle.  The participants vary depending on who you read.  I've relied primarily on the Axis History Forum for a description of Kampfgruppe Krugel and their role in briefly retaking the bridgehead.  Eventually the Germans would commit two regiments to do it, but in the early hours of the Soviet attack it was up to Pioneer Abt. 54, 16 company Norge regiment and the five companies of "Kampfgruppe Krugel." 

To download this scenario click here.

You will need the oob, scenario and the map files within this folder to play this scenario.

Now I am going to finish a long overdue scenario for the Panzer Battles Demo!

And as always if you have suggestions for this scenario please leave them in the comment field below. I have managed a draw as the Germans.

Friday, September 9, 2016

AGEOD: H Force Heads West - Sepoy Mutiny Part II

Henry Havelock seems to be my best commander in India at this point.  He is well admired by his troops and is an able tactician.  He is leading the relief force from Calcutta that will secure the neighboring states before marching towards the heart of the Mughal Rebellion in Delhi.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

AGEOD: The Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 Part I

My knowledge of this conflict is minimal.  I became interested in playing Pride of Nations today with the release of a new update with improved AI. According to the announcement, the update brought the game up to the same standard as the newer AGEOD games.

I was eager to see what that meant for the game, so I jumped into the 40 turn Sepoy Mutiny instead of something bigger like the Boer War.

The rebellion starts outside of Delhi in the center of the country and quickly spreads across central India.  This opening screen explains why the 3rd Bengal cavalry chose to begin the revolt and what happened at Meerut.  By the end of Turn 1 Delhi has fallen.
My first offensive response is to send one of my more aggressive commanders MG Henry Barnard (3-2-1) from the Peshawar Depot at the head of an all Indian force of  two infantry detachments and a cavalry brigade into neighboring Attock.