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Panzer Campaigns - Stalingrad 42 Gold

I have been playing around with the editors for the Panzer Campaign title Stalingrad 42 Gold.  The Gold versions of this game include upgraded graphics, new unit icons, division emblems and new map terrain graphics.  There might even be new battle sounds too!

The screenshots I am including are from a 10 turn custom scenario I created detailing the LI Armee Korps advance along the northern and southern banks of the Chir during late July.  I am using David Glantz's Gates of Stalingrad as a source as well as the "Across the Don Bend" scenario from the original game.

To be honest, up until this afternoon I have never been a Panzer Campaigns fan. In hindsight, I probably should have picked a different PzC title to start with (I didn't know about the Mius demo until after the fact).

I think this is because I have always shied away from continuous lines of troops facing each other and games that feel like it is WWI in France and Belgium.  A game like Stalingrad 42 can at …

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