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Reconsider Steel Division Normandy 44

Steel Division Normandy 44 has a marketing problem, which may come as a surprise to the developers because Eugen Systems and Paradox do a good job of marketing the game to the RTS crowd.

What they don't do well is market the game to the other chunk of their potential audience, the simulation crowd which has it's feet in table top wargaming, operational titles and developers like Graviteam and Battlefront who make games which have a slower, more deliberate pace.

We've all heard the complaint about this game being a click-fest and that criticism might be correct for larger battles with multiple players and at higher speeds.  However, this game has the engine capability to slow down, to customize which units are present on the battlefield and give players like myself the chance to worry about a single Flak 38 gun dominating a crossroads or the command of a platoon of tanks.

So what's my point with this post?  If you own Steel Division and gave up on it, try it again.  Cus…

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