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PzB North Africa 1941 - "Corinth Canal - Fallschirmjaeger Attack" AAR

Scenario Briefing:

Corinth Canal, Peloponnesus, Greece: April 26th, 1941. (Scenario Size: Regiment Head to Head or Human vs Allied AI) With the surrender of the Greek 2nd Army on April 20th, it was clear that Greece could not be saved and the Allied expeditionary force (W Force) would have to be evacuated quickly or annihilated. To that end, General Wilson, ordered the embarkation of as many troops as possible from southern Greek ports. The Germans realising this decided to capture the single bridge over Corinth Canal in the hope of trapping any units that had not crossed already into the Peloponnesus.   Generalleutnant Karl Student proposed his Fallschirmj√§ger could take the bridge quickly and once agreed that Oberst Alfred Sturm's Fallschirmj√§ger-Regt 2 lead the assault. Defending the canal was Isthmus Force a motley collection of Allied units, expecting an assault from the land, not the air.  Length: 10 turns


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