EFCO Platoons: Kekava Firefight Is Available For Download


Sep 10, 1944 06:30 hrs
SE of Riga

The Soviet advance SE of Riga to cutoff the retreating German 18th Army at the Daugeva River is bogging down due to difficult terrain and heavy rain.

Ahead of them, the Germans are digging in.

North of the Daugeva the 18th army is pulling out of their bridgehead and retreating back through Riga with two Soviet armies on their heels.  The Luftwaffe is fighting a losing battle in the skies as Soviet fighters and bombers swarm overhead. Tens of thousands of Latvian refugees crowd the roads into Riga with the 18th army as they flee the Soviets.

At night the German defenders along the Kekava river defense line can see that the City is on fire and the air if filled with the crescendo of the Soviet bombing campaign over 30km away.

German commander: Hold the line.  You are in command of one reinforced battalion.

Soviet Commander:  Seizing the series of bridges at Kekava will open up Riga to the 64th Rifle division's advance.  You are in command of two battalions of Rifle infantry and one tank battalion.

Scenario Notes:
This is a semi-historical scenario.  The participants in this scenario participated in the fighting around Riga but I am uncertain where that occurred from my research.  I do know that there was indeed a fight for these bridges.

***This scenario also includes new Scout teams and Observation Posts.  These units have higher recon values and in the case of the Scouts they are faster than normal leg infantry.  The Observation Posts are 3 man static sections.

To download this scenario please click here.

The German Line is holding late as this Soviet attack stalls.


Stephen Gray said…
Looks really great - can't wait to try it and thanks again !

Chris said…
Thanks for your comment Stephen! Let me know what you think. I like this one a lot but I am the only that has played it so far!
Doug Miller said…
Another good one Chris! Pulled off a marginal victory as the Germans. It was interesting to watch the AI, when stopped at Kekava, reallocate forces and break through at the south bridge.

I think I could have done better with so good use of the Withdraw and Delay orders. I'm not much used to defending!
Chris said…
Hi Doug. Glad you liked it! What do you think about the OPs and scout teams?

Peter Winship said…
Am I right the Axis sniper teams have 7 men with 2 sniper rifles? That leaves 5 unarmed men. Is that correct?
Bert Saerens said…
Seems like a nice scenario, i'm assuming this is Command Ops (1)?

I'm trying to make my own platoon based scenario in Co2. Do you have any pointers regarding creating these smaller scenarios? Any info is appreaciated.