CO2 Scenario: A Question Of Bridges - May 12-13, 1940

German forces have driven deep into the Netherlands when a surprise Dutch counterattack is ordered by II Corps commander Jacob Harberts.  The objectives: a series of bridges and ferries along the Rhine at Arnhem.
This is a fictional scenario.  I created this scenario after playing Decisive Campaigns:  Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris.  In that game I ordered the same counterattack simulated in this scenario and managed to achieve my objectives.  I thought this would make a great Command Ops 2 scenario and so I put this together quickly.

Designer notes:

I am using the CO2 core engine base BFTB Estab file which I have modified slightly.  Dutch forces were already present within this estab file but they are equipped with British weapons.

To make this more like 1940 I modified some of these units, created new ones and added in Humber armored cars and Lewis guns.  My OOB for the Dutch is based mostly on this article and my Decisive Campaigns game.   I didn't spend much time making changes to the Dutch, so some of the weapons present are ahistorical, like PIATs.

For the Germans, the units I use were historically present.  Their disposition on the battlefield is based on my Decisive Campaigns game.  The early version of the Waffen SS, the SS Verfugungstruppe, are modeled based on this wikipedia article.  I created some additional SS forces that weren't present in the Bulge estab file and I modified some of the existing Bulge estabs to account for 1940 weapons and organization.  I did think about using the Greek estab file to accomplish this scenario, which is probably what I should have done, but I was too far into things when that occurred to me.  The units I added to the Bulge estab file are units I found in the Greek game.

I did not create new signature files for this scenario.

My intention is to add another reinforcement schedule for the Germans and the Dutch.  One that will favor the Allies and one that will favor the Germans.

Scenario Briefing:

With the kickoff of the German war plan Case Yellow, German forces have surged across the Dutch, Belgian and French frontiers driving deep into each nation.

In the Netherlands, the Dutch II Corps led by General Jacob Harberts, in an effort to relieve pressure off of the frontline west of Nijmegen, has launched an ambitious counterattack north of the Neder Rijn to seize the important ferry and bridge crossings at Renkum, Doorwerth, Heveadorp, Arnhem and Westervoort.

South of the river, elements of the Dutch Brigade A from the Betuweline forces are moving westward in an effort to cut off German reinforcements arriving from Nijmegen.

Intelligence reports from Arnhem are vague but it is rumored a German SS formation is the only force between the Dutch and their objectives.

General Harberts believes his forces have a limited, 36 hours to accomplish their mission.  Can they do it?

**In my opinion, this scenario is fun to play as either the Dutch or the Germans.**

To download this scenario please click here:

Add the modified estab file, scenario file and arnhem map into their respective folders.


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