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Normandy 44 Gold: Four hours in Normandy...

Richard "Windy" Gale planned thoroughly for the 6th Airborne Division's parachute and glider deployment in the early morning hours of D-Day.  No British airborne division had ever fully deployed by air into a combat zone and Gale wasn't about to make a mess of it.

For his pre-jump efforts, Windy was awarded the Distinguished Service Order a few months later as his division fought under the First Canadian Army in France (Part of British I Corps). 

An understrength division prior to Normandy, the 6th would receive the 1st Canadian Parachute Bn and place them under the command of 3rd Brigade.  In the screenshot above, they are footing it down the causeway bridge over the Divette for the Cabourg objective.

Within Operation Tonga (codename for 6th Airborne's drop), a much smaller and more famous Operation named "Deadstick" took place during the earliest of hours as John Howard's "D" company 2nd Ox and Bucks battalion landed near the Benouvill…

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