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Panzer Battles Kursk - Revised Maps

Maps matter to me in wargaming and are often the difference between immersion and disinterest.  Maybe I am not alone in that.

The map detail for the Panzer Battles series has been steadily improving, but the original maps for the Kursk - Southern Flank title are lacking in my opinion.  I believe that they are the original Panzer Campaigns maps converted to scale for the Panzer Battles series.

What that conversion does is create oversized villages, massive forests and other map features that don't look anything like the present day villages and woods, let alone the 1943 version of these places.

Here is a good example of the difference between a stock map and it's revision:

This is an ongoing project, but one you can borrow from as I add maps.  To download the Berezovka, II SS Attack July 5 and Getting Started Maps go to my dropbox here.  You can just replace the existing maps in your Kursk "Scenarios" folder.

I am editing the maps of the scenarios I like first, but w…

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