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Wars in America: 1778 Northern Campaign Scenario

1778 was a particularly tough year for the British army in North America.  After the ignominious surrender of General John Burgoyne at Saratoga in 1777, the inaction of General Howe for much of the campaigning season and the general cautiousness of Henry Clinton, command of the British army of 1778 fell to Clinton after Howe's resignation.

Determined to consolidate his forces, Clinton successfully executed a strategic retreat of the British army overland to New York City from Philadelphia, managing to fight General Washington to a draw at Monmouth.

In Wars of America, a game by AGEOD, I take command of the 1778 British Army with a different ambition.  I have decided to keep control of Philadelphia while expanding my influence in and around New York.  I am also taking a more aggressive posture in New England in order to keep the Continental Army in New England occupied as well as the French who have joined the war against their old adversary Britain.

Overall, Wars in America is a…

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