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JTS Peninsular War - Modified Vimeiro Scenario For Download

Vimeiro is my favorite Peninsular War battle.  Wellington reconnoiters the ground personally in front of the advancing French army, placing his brigades to make best use of the terrain.  It includes a spirited fight inside the dusty village of Vimeiro that carries up to the church steps there.  It also includes an inexplicable tactical blunder by the the French commander Junot.  After consolidating his army east of Vimeiro, Junot splits his force sending a brigade of regulars in a wide swinging movement around Wellington's left flank. Junot's failed movement has always made me wonder what might have happened if he hadn't placed that order.

This scenario is a what-if variant of the in-game scenario.It is meant to be played solo as the Allied player against French AI.

My changes:

- Removed the Ventosa farm objective (British left flank).
-Increased the objective points for capturing Vimeiro to account for one less objective.
-The three French columns have skirmishers deploye…

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