Crossing the Mius

Crossing the Mius” is a historical scenario.

Date: 17 July, 1943

Location: Mius River Area, 30km North of Rostov

Scenario Briefing: A few days after the opening of the German attack on Kursk the Soviets began preparation to attack the heavily fortified German "Mius Line".

At Dmitriyevka, the 581st Infantry Regiment is dug-in and awaiting the Soviet advance. Across the river, the 31st Guards Rifle Corps is staging for an attack. Leading the way will be the 13th Guards Mechanized brigade and the 40th Guards Rifle division. Over 70 artillery guns have been assigned to the sector to open a hole up in the German defenses.

This scenario can be played as either side.

Sector Notes:

Soviet air cover has a 4 to 1 advantage.

German and Soviet reinforcements are available. Those moving to the front at night are more likely to arrive intact, those moving during the day are subject to nearly constant air attacks.

Soviet land forces have more than a 2:1 advantage along the front.

Additional Designer notes:

The Mius is not fordable at any point, only the ferry crossings and the bridge at Dmitriyevka may be used.

Soviet forces are trying to exit west towards Stalino. German forces win by preventing this.

There is a fortified version of this map, but I am not using it for this scenario. I have uploaded it to Steam as well as my dropbox. Since minefields aren’t included within the game, I am abstracting out fortifications and relying upon entrenchments and dug-in positions to simulate the German defensive line.

Estab: Eastern Front 1944 (in dropbox folder and on Steam)

Map: Dmitriyevka 6x6 (in folder and on Steam)

To download this scenario you can find it here in my dropbox

 I will also add it to Steam in my Sharp End Gaming workshop. I hope you enjoy it.


BletchleyGeek said…
Wow Chris, you have been really busy in 2020 mate. If playing Command Ops 2 would not break my heart, I would be definitely playing the heck out of these "a la Dazkaz".

I will make sure to go to Steam and boost your signal there. Your fine work deserves better war games!
Chris said…
Thanks BG! I am pushing out a number of scenarios that I have been working on for years, but have never released. My hope is by releasing them, I can move on from the game and focus on tabletop gaming.

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