CO2 Sledgehammer Is Available For Download

German Pioneers advance into Stalingrad. 

Scenario Description:

Sep 17, 1942
Semi- Historical

German forces of the 6th Army have launched offensive operations against the Soviet held positions in Stalingrad's northern suburbs and the Dzerzhinsky Tractor Factory.

Given the hard fighting in the city center, the operations staff within 6th Army HQ believe the fall of the Tractor Factory can be achieved within a 9 day timetable, once adequate forces are brought to bear.

Intelligence believes Soviet resistance will cease within the City after the seizure of the Factory.

Author's Notes:

This scenario is meant to be played as the Germans.

The primary source for this scenario is Stalingrad 1942 by Peter Antill.  David Glantz's Gates of Stalingrad has also provided useful information about the German OOB, especially 16th Panzer.

The Sledgehammer scenario is available for download here.

You will need to use the Stalingrad North - Tractor Factory map as well as the updated Eastern Front Estab file.  The scenario is titled Sledgehammer.

Unit placements are approximations.  Feel free to alter positioning and force structure to play this scenario the way you want to.

I will likely make additional tweaks to this scenario so please stay tuned for further updates.


Scott said…
Thank you very much!
Jason Rimmer said…
Thanks very much!.

A few more of your amazing scenarios and players can have a near full game just using the demo!

Having bought several versions of the engine so far I'm sticking with the demo for abit. I'll buy the next East front title though.
Anonymous said…
Thank you. I'm eager to try your scenario.

You are talking about "You will need to use the Stalingrad North - Tractor Factory map as well as the updated Eastern Front Estab file."

Where I could find those files please ?
Chris said…
Hi Anon. The map and estab files are here:

Hope you enjoy it!

Unknown said…
Hi Chris,
beyond the above map and download, do I need any of the modules to play the scenario?

Chris said…
Hi Grey. You will need a copy of my eastern front estab file (in folder), my map and scenario file. Hope you enjoy it!
Chris said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
Thanks Chris

Look forward to trying it.

Unknown said…
Thank you for the excellent scenario!

Best Regards, Roman.
Unknown said…
Thank you for this great scenario!
I love long scenarios
Anonymous said…
but - in this scenario - there are no mortar platoon in axis infantry bns?
I'm not expert in TOE matters, but it seems to me a little bit strange. There is only divisional and regimental artillery?


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