The Battle for Rolica 1808: Play-testing Regiment Tonight!

The approach to Rolica

Tonight I am going to run through the combat and maneuver system for Regiment.  I am using the Battle of Rolica's OOBs to do this.

Arthur Wellesley's Anglo-Portugese army approached Rolica as he marched towards Lisbon.  His goal was to link up with additional British troops under Generals Acland and Anstruther who would make their landing along the Portugese coast closer to Lisbon and then engage with the French army and destroy it.

The outnumbered, French force under General Delaborde conducted a delaying action at Rolica while General Junot and his larger French army hastened to close with Wellesley.

I am going to only use the French and British infantry components for this battle and ignore the artillery and cavalry that participated, Ferguson's brigade which went on a flanking maneuver, as well as the Portugese troops under Lt. Col. Nicolas Trant.

British OOB (10000 troops):
5, 9, 29, 36, 38, 40, 45, 71, 82, Foot regiments
60, 95 Rifles Regiments

French OOB (4000 troops):
2, 4 Light Inf
70 Line Inf
4th Swiss Line Inf

The British manpower advantage will overwhelm the French for sure. How quickly that occurs using this system is going to be interesting.