Command Ops 2 - Blumentritt's Big Knock - Day 1

Below are some highlights of the first day of battle.  I am very pleased with my progress overall.  I've managed to advance in some places 15km ahead of my starting positions despite difficult wooded and hilly terrain.

In anticipation of day 2, I have reserves stationed behind my front line units ready to exploit breakthroughs and a German parachute division arriving in the morning.

American resistance in the south has been far greater than I anticipated.  Here I am reorganizing my units behind the anti-tank fortifications.

I've assumed greater control of the units as my progress slowed.  Here, I have been held back by a roadblock at Bucholz station and the terrain in the battlefield's center.  I've ordered 3 90 minute bombardments against these targets over the first 12 hours of the battle and now I am hitting them with 2 reinforced regiments.

Around midday I sent a company of Panther tanks that had broken around the American roadblocks at the entrance to the highway well ahead of my main body.  Here they are racing towards Bulingen and what I suspect is an American support unit.  This is a probe while two regiments move into position from the NE.

I Bn 695 Regt has been in the thick of the fighting.  Here you can see their unit log as well as the various planning movements, attacks and bombardments I am tracking.

Elements of Pz Bde 150 are having to withdraw due to heavy pressure.

This might be the only questionable AI move I have seen.  This flak battalion is being withdrawn from one spearhead and rerouted to another.  It's burning fuel and taking them out of the battle. Though I will say the weather has been poor.

The reinforcement window.  A heavy brigade of armor is en route as is a parachute division.  Day 2 is going to get interesting.

You can see the progress I've made towards Bulingen on Day 1.
Night is falling in the southern half of the battlefield as heavy reinforcements arrive to resume the fight in the morning.
Well that is it for Day 1.  If you missed my planning blog, you can read it here.


Marco Diaz said…
That probe with only the panthers would be a little risky as you target an urban zone, but as I saw in the next screens, the attack stalls later. Do you manage more battlegroups of battalions of mix infantry and tanks or do you give orders to battalions individually.
Chris said…
Hi Marco. Typically I give orders at a regimental level. For this scenario I have tried to manage at a division and corps level but I have been forced to manage individual actions as the day progresses.

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