Sunday, December 10, 2017

Command Ops 2 - Blumentritt's Big Knock - Planning Phase

I am going to kick-off a multi-part series of blogs over the next few weeks about three of my favorite games:  Command Ops, Panzer Battles and Peninsular War.

The next few blogs I post will be about Command Ops and specifically the game I bought awhile ago via Steam, but never played "Knock on All Doors."  

Below is Part I of my AAR.

A listing of the various KOAD scenarios.  This is the full list of scenarios included within this game.  The OOB's are large and the duration of the battles is shorter than your average CO1 game.  Count me all in!

The "Knock on all doors" module for Command Ops 2 simulates in it's own words:

There are four sets of three scenarios. The first is the historical O-Tag or Day 1 set that commence on 16 December. The second or “Decision” set allows the player the opportunity to explore the famous “what ifs” faced by the German commanders on the second day of the battle 17 December. The third or “Knock” set works on the basis of employing the original staff plan, developed by General Manteuffel that embodied the concept of “knock on all doors and pour through the ones that open”. The fourth “Big Knock” series takes this concept a little further and employs an augmented order of battle.
The intelligence map for the beginning of the scenario.  My objectives are to exit my forces off the western and southern ends.

I have decided to tackle the first scenario "Blumentritt"s Big Knock"   which covers the reconstituted 9th Panzer Group's attempt to drive through the Losheim Gap.

Usually, I like to manage Command Ops 2 scenarios at the lower command levels.  Today I've decided to take a step back from tactical decisions and let my various AI commanders do the heavy lifting.

 I've decided to assign the static artillery unit targets manually and issue general movement and attack orders to LXVII Korps, 9th Pz Group and the 150 Pz Bde:  .

My initial orders mapped out above.  I've given LXVII Korps and the 9th Pz Group Elverfeldt movement orders, I've ordered a 90 minute bombardment of American positions west and northwest of Losheim and a follow-on movement by the 150 Pz Bde.  My goal is to exit all of my formations in the center of the battlefield using the only highway available.
The offensive kicks off shortly after 0530 hrs.

Group Elverfeldt coils like a snake through the gap at Losheim.
I am relying on much of the heavy lifting for the early hours of the operation to fall on Group Elverfeldt.

Here 9th Panzer has hit the first door of the American line at the entrance to the highway.  

As the various infantry and armor units stack up, I order a second bombardment to clear the way.

That railway is also going to figure prominently over the next hours of the battle, more to follow...


Unknown said...

Nice, AARs of CO2 are always welcome. Those were the critical hours, an early fall of the american line would had made a critical tactical victory, but in the end, it would only made the final victory more costly for both sides. Keep coming the AARs.

Unknown said...

Glad to see this. Been trying to get into this game and seeing more AAR's helps.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Jumping into the deep end! You must be very experienced with CO2. Am surprised at level u issued orders. Remember commanders command 2 levels down. See or search web for commanders command 2 levels down. This translates in co2 to assigning orders to 2nd tier belw map boss. Very interested in how this turns out.

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