F&F: Basic Turn Sequence

"The Line Will Advance."
There are five phases per turn.

Turn Sequence:

1. Orders Phase – Draw the “under command” units from the Allied or French unit deck.  Each unit present during the battle is included within this deck.  The number of draws is based upon the number of command points the overall commander for a battle has.  For example, Wellington and Napoleon have 5 command points each.  The cards are for specific brigades.  When a brigade is drawn all units within the brigade are assumed to be under command.
2. Artillery Phase – Assign artillery to move or to fire.  Complete fire or movement.
3. Movement Phase – Artillery units that fire may not move.  Units can move and end up in a Square formation if ordered to do so.  Units in square formation move one hex and can only do so over open terrain.  Units converting from a square into another formation, spend their turn doing so and cannot move that turn.  Other movement formations include Line, Column or Loose.  These formations influence the base MP total per unit.
4. Combat Phase:  Attackers fire/charge/melee only.  There is no defensive fire.
5. Morale Phase – Disordered units must perform a morale check. Elite units rally on 3 or greater(D6 roll).  Regular units rally on 4 or greater (D6).  Militia units rally on 5 or greater (D6).  Disordered units do not perform fire actions but can move if they are under command as long as it is away from the enemy.  Disordered units do not have to move.

For more about combat, unit characteristics and movement click here.

For an example of gameplay using this system click here and here.

As I have said before, my goal is to develop a simplified set of rules for Napoleonic combat.  For me, the game chrome (the stuff that makes it fun for me) are the formations and their different characteristics, specific unit stats and designations and the flexibility of the system.

I am also working to make this friendly to solitaire players (I play solitaire so this is pretty important to me) by removing hidden movement, integrating the command deck and very soon integrating a tactical deck for solitaire play.

I also have an advanced rule that I will work into the system that tracks "Battlefield Momentum" which is tied to battlefield losses.