Scourge of War: Waterloo First Impressions

SoW: Waterloo sandbox mode. Brigade level combat on the road to a nameless Belgian town.
I've been waiting on this game for at least a year.  It is beautifully rendered and the interface seems much improved.  I don't remember volley fire as a SoW: Gettysburg option and the clear commands interface when moving a unit is neat.  The OOBs are fully fleshed out and look brilliant. I can't wait for the spectacle of Waterloo.

I will post more about this game over my lunchtime break.


Phil said…
Been looking forward to this. Tell us what you think when you get a chance Chris. Cheers!
Chris said…
Hi Phil. Out of 8 blog posted a pretty harsh video review of the game saying the AI was terrible and it was largely unfinished. If you own any norbosftdev games thats usually been the case at the start but like Panther Games they are pretty good about listening to the community and tend to polish their product long after it's release. I've only been able to play a little but have enjoyed it very much.

I will post more about the game later today.
Phil said…
It's not all about polish for the type of stuff we like. When you see the effort that has gone into this you can't help but like it. It really looks like a cracking game. Gonna have to get it. But it's gonna have to wait :)