CMFI: "Knock the Guns Out" Part I

This is a quick battle I setup last night.

A reduced infantry company has been charged with knocking out a Flak battery that a reconnaissance plane spotted northwest of the British advance.  Some Sicilian refugees have said they saw the Germans moving it into position atop the hill in the ruin of a vineyard.

A look at the British jumpoff point once I finished setup.  I am going to send my sniper section first into that line of tree to the west.  They will cover a scout patrol as it makes its way cautiously up the rutted road/streambed towards the Junction objective.  The rest of 11 Platoon will cover them.  Dog Coy HQ and a squad and mortar detachment from Platoon 11 will occupy the stone wall just out of sight to cover the advance of  Plt 10 which will work a switch back up to the top of the hill on the extreme edge of the map. Plt 10's advance should be out of sight until they crest the hill.

There is a scene in the movie Zulu Dawn where an advance party rides ahead of the 24th to scout a report of a Zulu Impi in a neighboring valley.  It turns out they are in the valley and Lt. Vereker mumbles something like "By God we found them."  It's one of the great moments of that movie imo.  Anyway, that is the reaction I had when 10 Plt crested the summit.  The Germans buggered out of there but not before exchanging fire with my men.

A wide angle shot of my position.  In hindsight I should have put moved my entire force up onto the hilltop and attacked the junction from above. You can see one of the four 20mm Flak guns I am going to knock out.

Splitting my squads up into teams has given me more flexibility.  This three man team maneuvers in for a direct shot while others suppress the German Flak team.

At the top of the ridge, my men are using the terrain to their advantage.
More to follow....


Doug Miller said…
So many good games...

I think I could play this endlessly. Looks like a very interesting scenario. I'm interested to see how you take out the flak guns.

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