Commands and Colors: Napoleonics - First Blood in Portugal

This morning I setup a fictional firefight on a portion of the C&C map with a Bde of British Infantry (2 Line Regts and 1 Light Inf Regt) and a battery of Foot artillery vs. 2 French Line Regiments outside of Rolica in Portugal.

I've not absorbed all of the rules yet, nor have I applied stickers to all of the wooden blocks that come with the game so I minimized the scope deliberately.  My purpose was to play a little of the game since I have been staring at it for days now without getting the time I need to fully dive in. I am not sure I used the combat and maneuver rules correctly either but I had fun and began to appreciate the complexities of the game and also the smoothness of play.

Two French Line regiments cross a lazy stream in Portugal and approach the village of Rolica.  An under strength British Light infantry regiment occupies the hill overlooking the riverbanks.  Regiments are differentiated by the number of blocks they have which represent their size and firepower, their range, and their movement.  Initial impressions:  the British have better light infantry and the French better Heavy infantry (Guards and Grenadiers).

A zoomed out view.  I am swinging some British Light cavalry to the west of town. In the gap between the village and some groves of trees along the stream, a British Line regiment is trading volleys with the approaching French. The British have lost a block and a unit of French infantry has been sent retreating.  The French Line regiment has already lost 50% of it's strength after exchanging a volley with the British Light infantry.
Perhaps prematurely, I deliberately form square and reduce that French Line infantry's firepower in half.  I did so because it seemed like the melee rules for cavalry might wipe out the smaller unit if I didn't form square. There is a limit of four units that can form square in a battle. Units that do form square, remove a command card from your hand.  Command cards represent orders and tactics buffs to your units.
The French square is wiped out by British Light infantry fire from the hillside. Victory banners are earned when achieving terrain objectives and/or wiping out units.
At the end of the battle a look at the casualties.  One full French Line infantry Regiment was wiped out and 3/4 of a second one was.  The remaining French companies beat a retreat across the stream.  The British casualties were much lighter.  The cavalry never engaged for the British but they did force a French unit to form square and reduce it's firepower which I took advantage of.  The British Foot artillery battery was at extreme range and was ineffective. 
I thoroughly enjoyed my first run through and I am looking forward to layering in rules and adding more units!

UPDATE: I just reread the section about retreating.  I should have been retreating the entire unit instead of a number of blocks equal to the number of white flags I rolled.


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