JTCS - Crossing the Mius AAR

Crossing the Mius is a my first scenario for the John Tiller Campaign Series.

This scenario simulates 14th Panzer Division's approach on the port City of Taganrog on the Sea of Azov.  To seize the city the Germans needed to cross the Mius river.  This scenario pits a German recon battalion vs. a Russian rifle battalion.

The village of Andreevo Melentyevo holds the first German objective.  The GE attack is two pronged.  A company of Schutzen supported by a company of armored cars approaches from the south through the village of Grudinov. The main thrust of KG von Bassler comes across the plateau which overlooks the river crossing.  Soviet defenses are just west of the objective and clustered on a small rise in the middle of the village.

At this point I've swept past the Soviet defense of Andreevo and I am approaching the river crossing. The main road to the bridge is blocked which forces the vehicles into some wide, flat fields to the south of the road.  Soviet AT guns and MG platoons are dug in on the opposite riverbank.

A zoomed out view of my attack around turn 7 or 8 of 10.  Andreevo is in my hands.  I've driven the Soviet commisar and some infantry out of the village to the north.  My motorcycle company and my schutzen company are preparing for the attack.  I've also setup a 75mm infantry gun to support them.  There are 2-3 levels of elevation on the far bank with Soviet entrenchments and a pillbox overlooking the second objective. It is a really tough nut to crack. Given the forces available.

The attack is underway.  I mistakenly clicked on a water hex for my infantry gun and wasted my artillery support.  The Schutzen company is forward supporting the Motorcycle company as it dashes across the bridge.  It was a real white knuckles moment to get both in position for this attack in the open ground while moving under fire.

In the end I ran out of time.  I am not the best player at this game so I am eager for Doug to try it from the German side.  Crossing the bridge is not easy.

I am thinking the second scenario which opens the other half of the map would start with a tiny German bridgehead on the east bank that mushrooms into a full blown attack on the village of Nikolaeva which is not pictured in these screenshots.

This battle really did happen. It took 14th Panzer 3 days to crack the Soviet defense of the Mius river and enter into Taganrog. Losses were heavy on both sides.  I've created this scenario before for my Eastern Front version of Command Ops.  You can download Objective Taganrog for Command Ops here.


Doug Miller said…
This looks great! Very interested in playing.
Chris said…
Yes we need to do pbem this week!