Eastern Front Command Ops: New Scenario "Objective Taganrog" -- Is Available for Download

German SS troops enter Taganrog on the Sea of Azov.
***A special thanks to Doug at the Cry Havoc blog for play-testing this scenario and for his suggestions.  A special thanks to Tim at Ranger X3X for his advice on scenario creation. ***  

Scenario Background:

10 Oct 1941
Semi-Historical Scenario*

The German 1st Panzer Army is driving on the critical port city of Rostov on the Sea of Azov as part of a larger operation along the southwest front of Army Group South.

The key to conducting offensive operations against Rostov is seizing the vital Mius river crossings near Taganrog and the port in that city to prevent naval reinforcement of the Soviet Mius River Line.

14 Panzer division is to lead this attack and has been given an ambitious timetable of completing all objectives within three days.

Opposing them are elements of two Soviet Rifle divisions.  Their mission is to hold these objectives for as long as possible while behind them the Soviet front reorganizes.

* Semi-historical because troop placement and force structure below which divisions particiapted is hypothetical.

Participating Units:

German 14th Panzer Division: 36 Panzer Regiment, 103 Panzer Grenadier Regiment, Kampfgruppe Bassler (Recon Battalion) and assorted support units.

Soviet 31st Rifle Division: 75th Rifle Regiment, 248th Rifle Regiment, 32 Artillery Regiment and elements of the 137th Tank brigade.

Files for Download:

Map file (Maps folder)
Map cache file (Maps folder)
Scenario file (Place in My Scenarios Folder)
Estab file (place in Estabs folder)
Estab images file  (Estabs folder)
Estab XML file (Place in Estabs folder)
Soviet Sig (Graphics/Scenario/Default folder)
German Sig (Graphics/Scenario/Default folder)

A note about the signatures for this scenario's briefings.  They should be Rundstedt for the Germans and Lopatin for the Soviets.  However, this evening I realized as I was about to push this scenario live, that the signature files I have are incorrect.  I will upload the correct ones soon but in the meantime I hope you will download and play the scenario anyway!


Doug Miller said…
This is an armor commander's field day from the German side! Great fun if you enjoy the blitzkrieg tactics of the early war. Just enough units to be interesting and challenging, but small enough for a quick play. This is a really fun scenario.
Chris said…
Thanks Doug! Much appreciated and thanks for playtesting and your suggestions for it. Onwards to Rostov!
Oliver Hoffmann said…
I just installed latest patch and I think I did install all files correctly. I get a crash after the screen where you can chose the side you want to play. Can you check if the latest July patch is still working? Thanks.
Chris said…
Hi Oliver. I haven't updated this scenario to the new patch but will do so now. Thanks for your interest!
Chris said…
Hi Oliver. This scenario and all of its files has been updated here:


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