Skirmish Rules for Regiment

Line units and elite units can deploy skirmishers. Militia, artillery and cavalry units cannot. Skirmishers deployed against skirmishers cancel one another out. “Skirmishers forward” adds 5% to the Hit Accuracy (HA) for successful volleys of the parent units.  Skirmishers can only be sent forward by issuing a specific order to do so.  Units with skirmishers forward place an S counter over their game card.

The number of skirmishers deployed depends on the # of men in particular regiment.  As a rule 20% of a regiment will deploy on a skirmishers forward order.  If an enemy cavalry unit comes within one card length of an opponent, the skirmishers will automatically rejoin the parent unit’s formation removing the HA bonus until they are redeployed with a new order.

Skirmish Formations

Light infantry and Rifles units can deploy into loose skirmish formations.   This decreases the HA of incoming fire by 5%.  The number of skirmishers firing from this formation depends on the size of the parent unit and can be found on the Formation and Firepower table.  As a rule 40% of a light infantry or Rifles unit will be available to fire.   Units must be ordered into this formation and will place a SKF counter over their card when they are in this formation.

Units in a Skirmish formation will automatically return to a line formation if an enemy cavalry unit comes within a card's length. Units can only form a square if issued that order ahead of time.

The 1e Regt. of Grenadiers (1000 men) sends skirmishers forward opposite Acland’s brigade at Vimeiro.  Their hit accuracy will increase to 20% from their base .15%.  If Wellington (British commander at Vimeiro) orders Acland to also deploy skirmishers these bonuses will negate each other.


Phil said…
The Rifles :) My old Regiment.
Chris said…
That's great Phil! The Rifles made my skirmish last night. They flanked a French line regiment but took casualties from a Swiss regiment that rushed up to meet them.

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