KIA In Italy

Inspired by Doug's recent Combat Mission Fortress Italy post on his blog, I decided to take command of a German tank platoon as it looked to score some kills tonight against American armor across the valley.  The result wasn't pretty because I am awful with tanks.  I managed to get off two shots from my platoon in total before all four tanks were knocked out of commission.

My tanks flowed like water across the battlefield until I was forced to crest this ridge.
This game is unforgiving.


Doug Miller said…
Believe me, I've had a lot of tanks shot out from under me! It's really a balancing act to know when to commit your armor.

The other thing to keep in mind is that in mid-'43 the Sherman was actually a better tank than the PzK III's and IV's. Moreover, the German crews of the Herman Goring Division were actually newbs, and not the veterans of the Ostfront. The men of the 15th PzG were better, but didn't have as much armor.

So, in CMFI American armor is every bit a match for the Germans and Italians. That's not the case in CMBN, for example.

You're absolutely right that this game is unforgiving. If you can be seen, you can (and will!) be shot. The key with armor is to always seek hull down positions using the Hunt movement commend, and by checking LOS in multiple directions before committing the move. I get excited and often forget to do this, ending up with dead tanks!
Chris, there isn't enough detail in your write-up of course, but did you have to crest that ridge? That usually is the kiss of death.

Best to use the crest to mask your movement and when you come up behind it, do so hull down, ideally, try to have some infantry spot over the top to ensure you do not have enemy tanks waiting for just such a move.

Early armor manuals say to crest at the same time with your entire platoon.. I say have three in overwatch if you must crest, and then crest with the fourth only.

Chris said…
Hi Bil and Doug. Thanks for these comments and tips. I probably didn't need to cross right up and over the ridge. There was a fold of land further west that I could have used to take a more protected peek into the valley. I thought I had a good idea where the enemy armor was but it turned out I was wrong.

Both sides in the quick battle had tanks only so I didn't have the ability to look with infantry.

Thanks for the comments!

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