Combat Mission Italy: Hell And Back Again

There is a scene in the Audie Murphy bio pic "Hell and Back Again" where he joins in an assault against some German 88s behind a farmhouse.  Or at least that's how I remember it.

I am not sure where that fight took place and I don't remember the exact composition of the forces involved but I've used that scene as the inspiration for a small scenario I am working on in Combat Mission Italy.

An Italian army deserter has warned the Americans that there are Germans nearby.

Overnight a German platoon has moved into a farm house and barn less than a half a mile away from the American lines.  They've taken up a strong position in between 2 of their own self propelled guns and the American patrols nearby. The Americans can hear digging so they know the Germans will be prepared for them in the morning.

Two American platoons from Able company have been assigned the task of neutralizing the Germans in the farmhouse and destroying the guns behind it.  Knocking these guns out are critical to the continued forward progress of Patton's Seventh Army west of Siracusa near Vizzini.

Anyway this is my first WW2 scenario and my hope is to crank a series of these out once I figure some things out.

This is why you play-test...The Americans 5 inch guns from a Naval destroyer to the east completely destroyed the farmhouse within the first ten minutes of the game and killed about 20 German soldiers in the immediate area.  I also think my location near Vizzini is outside of their actual range.  Oh well.  Round 2 development of this scenario is underway.