Combat Mission Battle for Italy Screenshots

Tonight I started a 2 hour quick battle to probe a point in the German lines that's being held by a company of Pioneers and some infantry guns.

Screenshots below.

My company of paras with 3 supporting armored cars is moving forward towards both my objectives simultaneously when we hit a line of two German bunkers. I send scout detachments forward to make certain there isn't any more to the German defense than I am seeing.  The cover is good and I am able to knock out one bunker with an armored car and the other is captured by a detached assault squad which blasts the door and then follows up with grenades.

I knocked out both bunkers and now I am going to use that river bed to move up on the German positions.

My scouts (just past the house) are moving along the road to get a better view of the Road Junction objective in the distance.  Those foxholes were abandoned early on or never used.

This Scout car is making life difficult for the German units defending the Road Junction objective.  I am using the 37mm cannon to engage in long range sniping.

The main road is mined and I've just lost one of my scouts.  My first KIA of the battle so far.
More to follow...


Doug Miller said…
This looks like a very cool map Chris. I'm interested to see how this plays!
Chris said…
Hi Doug. I ended up with a major victory. Will post screens later. I had 11 KIA and killed roughly 40 German pioneers. My best combat mission scenario yet.