Regiment - A Napoleonic Wars Card Game

For some time, I've been thinking about a card game that brings Napoleonic warfare to life (with an emphasis on deck building).  The game would use cards to represent brigades and regiments for OOB building and you would be able to modify units with experience mods (based on historical participation in battles and honors earned).

I've resurrected this after reading David Crook's excellent thoughts about a 19th century tabletop game here.

I've am considering cards for this because the emphasis is on simplicity and playability anywhere.

Here are some of my initial vanilla thoughts on the game called "Regiment":

General Staff
Each battle has a preset number of General Staff officer positions to be filled in an OOB.  The overall commander is included in this total plus a number of staff officers.  These officers are combined into a General Staff that as a body exerts influence over the battle with their leadership, experience and tactics through the issuing of orders.

Armies are compromised of infantry, cavalry and artillery.  Units are brigade and regiment sized.  Each unit moves, fights or resupplies based on an order issued by the General Staff. 

Units are able to move and resupply if an order is issued to them by the General Staff. The number of orders issued depends on the capabilities of the General Staff.  Orders must also be given to artillery units to fire and for cavalry units to fire.  Infantry units within a card’s length of an opponent are considered to be within musket range and do not need to be given an order to fire.
A unit under orders has a green stone (penny, piece of candy, etc) placed next to their card.  Units not under orders are capable of defending themselves.
Because movement is alternating so is the issuing of orders.  A unit not under orders to fire but which is attacked by an opposing unit is able to return fire with one die roll only even if the unit is Elite.

The distance moved each turn depends on the formation.  Units may only move if they have been issued an order to do so, or they are forced to retreat due to combat.
Units are considered in musket range if they are within one card’s length.

Elite units roll 3 D6 and 1s and 2s represent damaging volleys
Line units roll 2 D6 and 1s and 2s represent damaging volleys
Militia units roll 1 D6 and 1s and 2s represent damaging volleys

Losses to units are then determined by the formation the unit was in and the strength of the attack. 

The result of cavalry charges are conducted by taking the strength of the attacking unit vs the formation and size of the defending unit plus the unit's formation.

Examples of "Unit Mods"

Italian Honors - Veteran unit leaders particpated in Marengo. -1 Discipline                                                           
Sun at Austerlitz - Stormed Pratzen Heights.  Maneuver double.                                                              
Telnitz Guard - Held the right flank at Austerlitz.  +5% fire.                                                           
Veteran Grenadiers - Add 1 to FP (Line or Elite units only)                                                            
Italian Light Infantry Honor - For light infantry units only.  Veterans of Italian campaign. 
Covered In Glory - Unit awarded by Napoleon +5% DMG and +1FP                                                         
Peninsula Veterans -1 Discipline Checks. +1 ROF                                               
Reinforced Grenadier Battalion 100 New Men.  Add 1 to FP rolls.                                              
Skirmishers         100 New Men.  Skirmishers double firing range of unit.

Anyway, this is just a preview of my resurrected form of the game. I have additional thoughts about battlefield conditions, weather, representing smoke, battlefield momentum and experience earned during a battle which I will share here soon.