Command Ops: Map Editor

I've taken the plunge.  I am trying my hand at creating a map of Saarlautern in Germany.  I've got a map of XX Corps advance to the Saar River between November 25- December 2nd, 1944 and I am using it as the basis for my attempt. 

I am drawing it free-hand in the editor because tracing a map seemed harder than making one, especially because I am not trying to be super specific about the details.

Unfinished business...hopefully it works.
I am still working on things obviously.  I need to extend roads, the rail line, add in German fortifications along the river (though you can see a few of these), add in terrain features, names of villages, etc.  

I will keep you updated on my progress here.  I will say, I am really enjoying it.


RangerX3X said…
Looks good – keep it up. The Map Editor is one of those tools where when you finally do come up for air, you wonder where the last six months or so of your real life went…
Chris said…
So true Tim and I could sense that. I backed off this particular map this morning and spent 2 hours finishing up a map for the Battle of Champs a new, small scenario I am going to upload tonight.
Ramses said…
Looking forward to your comments on mapmaking, I'm hesitating about taking the plunge into mapmaking myself for the reason stated by RangerX3X. Some nice articles on yor site by the way....
Chris said…
Hi Ramses. Thanks for your comment!
I have finished one map for the Battle of Champs, I started this map and I have another one I am beginning today for the Moselle Bridgehead.

I think I am getting a hand of the editor. I can see where it could be really time consuming like Ranger said if you were trying to do a massive map. I've made a decision to limit myself to 8km by 8km maps. That's about what my schedule will allow and lets me use them sooner for gaming.

One trick I picked up is to finish a layer for the entire map. So for instance, this map I worked in the center and started branching out. Adding in all of the terrain features at once. For my Champs map I drew out the roads first, then the river, then the elevation, etc. It went much quicker this way.

I will post a followup on the editor though. It's a good idea. There have been some things I've learned about it from using it that aren't clear in the manual.