Command Ops: "The Fight For Best" Scenario (Updated)

UPDATE:  I ran a playtest of this scenario last night and I am really happy with it so far.  The fight for Best and it's road bridge is an under-reported story from Operation Market Garden.  It is a big reason why the 101st suffered over 2,000 casualties and two US Medals of Honor were posthumously awarded to combatants.

Badly needed reinforcements from the 327th Glider Regt have arrived to support the 101st's attack on Best.

Original Post:

In case you have missed it, I've sidelined my plans to create a fictional scenario depicting a parachute drop south of Arnhem bridge by the Polish 1st brigade.  You can read more about it here.

My next idea for another brigade/regiment sized scenario is "The Fight for Best."  I spent last evening doing the historical research and fleshing out the OOB.

A draft of the scenario briefing is below:

Eindhoven Sector - September 17, 1944: 21:15 hrs
Historical Scenario

Historically, the 101st "Screaming Eagles" Airborne Division was tasked with securing 20kms of Hell's Highway from Eindhoven to Veghel. In the process it had to capture ten bridges and then keep these open while 30th Corps drove on through to Arnhem.

502nd Regiment Commander Briefing:

On the first day of Market Garden the 101st has performed well. Unfortunately, the vital Son bridge was blown by it's German defenders in the 506th's faces.   Engineers and Bailey bridge equipment are needed to restore the bridge, something that only XXX Corps has in this sector. So we are waiting on our British friends.

On the extreme western edge of the 101st AO the town of Best and it's rail and road bridges are assigned to us. Upon landing, 3rd battalion was sent forward to seize these objectives with H company in the lead. At 1700 hours the Best road bridge was seized by H company after scattering a thin garrison force. However, a strong German counter-attack from Best has driven them back east into the Zonsche Forest.

With the Son bridge destroyed, 101st Division Commander General Maxwell Taylor has made our taking the Best bridge a top priority.  2nd battalion will join the 3rd battalion in an attack on Best and the bridges there.  A battalion of the 327th will be placed in reserve upon their arrival tomorrow afternoon.

1st battalion is to the north at St. Oedenrode and may also be considered as a possible reinforcement but the vital bridge there over the Dommel must be held against counter-attack.

Dutch resistance (PAN) is warning of strong German reinforcements moving from the west by train into the AO.

Elements of the 59th infantry division were involved in the counter-attack at Best. The German forces in the area are a mixed bag, ranging from elite SS panzer grenadiers, crack FJs, veteran infantry to raw recruits.

A German battalion was sighted moving west of St. Oedenrode through Goosen Bunder forest at 1400 hours.

Fog in England is expected to delay reinforcement and ground the RAF and USAF for much of the 18th. Looks like the Luftwaffe will have air superiority.

Well that's all I have so far for this new scenario.  More to follow....


Doug Miller said…
Unfortunate, but probably a good call. Doesn't sound like it was much fun to play.

I'm looking forward to the new scenario and getting some more time with Lion Route. My brain is starting to come back after a couple of grueling weeks of work, so I'm about ready to start playing something more challenging than Skyrim, again.
Chris said…
Doug at first I was really excited about it, but as I placed units on the map and looked over the real estate south of the bridge I realized it wasn't going to be fun for the Poles or the player. Unfortunately, my only playtest confirmed that for me.

This one should be more fun. And there is room for decision-making. I will probably run a playtest tonight.