Command Ops: Playtesting "By The Shortest Way"

My new scenario "By the Shortest Way" is a simulation of what might have happened had the 1st Polish Parachute brigade hit their drop zone south of Arnhem bridge on Sept. 19,1944. 
The original drop zone (DZ-K) for the 1st Polish Para brigade was one mile south of Arnhem bridge. Their original drop date was Sept 19th but bad weather in England and a flash radio message on a BBC radio wireless from Division HQ later that morning warned against such a drop.  In the end the Poles dropped two days later and further west near the village of Driel.

This scenario simulates what might have happened had they dropped on time.

Last night, I ran a playtest with the AI using minimal orders from me to see what would happen to the Poles after their drop.  They landed disorganized and spread out over the polder south of Elden. German artillery immediately zoomed in and suppressed them.  German units en route to the bridge immediately turned and attacked them  For almost 36 hours the Poles struggled to make it to the bridge but only came within a 1/2 mile or so.  Unable to reach the bridge and reinforce Frost the battle ended in a marginal defeat for the Allies.

 I will finish tweaking this scenario this week and make it available to everyone but I don't think it compares to the challenge of the Lion Route.  After the fact, I am realizing part of what I think makes the Lion Route scenario so enjoyable is the tantalizing possibility to change the outcome with a grand stroke of tactical brilliance.  So far I haven't "won" the Lion Route scenario but I've fought my way to a draw twice and felt quite satisfied.  You have freedom to maneuver and feel in control throughout.

With this scenario however, you have little control of the outcome.  This is grueling fighting and the objective is straight forward.

I am going to run a playtest as the Axis commander tonight to see if the feel is different. It maybe less limiting as the Axis commander, especially with having to deal with the sudden unexpected drop of the Poles.

More to follow...