Command Ops: "Arnhem: By The Shortest Way" -- Map Development

Arnhem: By the Shortest Way is a new scenario I am developing for Command Ops: Highway to the Reich. It is a historical what-if scenario that explores what would have happened at Arnhem if the Polish 1st Independent Brigade had dropped as scheduled on the 19th 1 mile south of the bridge at DZ-K.

Weather kept the Poles grounded on the 19th and Colonel Frost's 2nd Battalion's hold on the bridge was lost a day later.  Would the Poles have changed the course of the battle had they arrived on time?  My hope is that we will get a little closer to an answer with this what-if scenario.

Last evening I finished the map.  It's a bigger battle space than my previous scenario "The Lion Route" but will most likely have a similar amount of units.

The German player has 6 secure objectives and the Allies player has 7 secure objectives.

German Objectives:

High ground at Westerbouwig
Model's Former HQ (Hartenstein Hotel)
The Lion Route
St. Elizabeth's Hospital
North end of the bridge
South end of the bridge
City Commandant's HQ

Allies Objectives:

High ground at Westerbouwig
Division HQ (Hartenstein Hotel)
The Lion Route
St. Elizabeth's Hospital
Velp-Arnhem Highway (The original plan for 1st Airborne's drop called for the Poles to march through the city and to deploy to the east along the Velp-Arnhem highway) to prevent a potential German counterattack.)
North End of the bridge

The new map for Arnhem: By The Shortest Way.  Allies objectives are shown here.

My next step in the creation process will be finalizing the OOBs for each side.  Since this scenario starts on the 19th and is already days into the actual battle, I will have to adjust the troop strength levels and individual attributes in the OOB to reflect casualties, exhaustion, etc..  I expect this to be a longer process that will hopefully be accomplished by this time next week.

More to follow...