Video: Watch The Way He Plays Company of Heroes 2

I caught this video today on the Company of Heroes 2 Facebook page.  This is the game designer Jason Lee playing the game.  Watch how he uses the mini-map.  It's more like a game of speed checkers or something worse.

To be honest the game doesn't look fun and I am a big fan of the original title. It looks like whack a mole.


Doug Miller said…
This game has nothing to do with historical WWII Ost Front combat, based on this video. It's just an RTS with German and Russian skins.

I'm sure it's fun if that's your thing, and it looks nice. I'd rather play APOS, though.
Chris said…
Doug, APOS is much better. First time I played APOS I was blown away. I wish the interface and rules were better but I agree.