Les Grognards - Marengo

Murat's cavalry clashes with Austrian Hussars on the Marengo plain.
I downloaded the modded scenario for Marengo and have enjoyed it very much.  The deployed forces are smaller and the terrain is wide open.  Will update soon...


Doug Miller said…
What sprite ration are you using? The battlefields in this game are so huge they cry out for 1:1 troop to sprite ratios.

I'm finding the SOW scale seeming to be a bit off for that many sprites on the field at once. Not enough room for the regiments to get in line without overlap.
Chris said…
Hi Doug. I have been playing 1:10 because it was default and I figured it might be easier to distinguish smaller units than a mass of sprites. That said, I have been considering moving to 1:2 because you can drive whole armies between the gaps between regiments at 1:10. So I haven't bumped into the overlap issue your are having yet.

I did have a heck of time distinguishing units while playing the Austerlitz scenario at 1:10. I can't imagine it at 1:1 or 1:2. The fighting for instance around the Pratzen heights involved elements of 2 French Corps and 3 Coalition Corps.