Les Grognards - Battle of Vimeiro Update

My recent gaming has focused on Wellington slugging it out with the French General Junot at Vimeiro, Portugal.  As Wellington, I positioned myself in a V-shaped formation along the sides of a wide valley with the Portugese forces under Nickolas Trant on the right side of the V, (supported by General Ferguson's brigade), and Crawford and Nightingall on the left side.  In the center Ackland, Anstruther and Lawson's battery with the remainder of my brigades poised to enter the battle on the wings.

The battle has taken a turn for the worse and I find myself scrambling to form new defensive lines and the Anglo-Portugese army is in real danger of being split in two.  It shouldn't be that way.  Wellington has the numerical superiority on the field and my battle plan hasn't been bad but I grossly overestimated the ability of the Portugese forces.  I should have kept them in reserve.  Their rout has caused the right side of the V to disappear exposing two smaller British brigades to a potential rout.  When the right flank gave way so did the center and now French Dragoons are riding my forces down on the field of battle.

It's not over yet but I need a new strategy and it's unclear if I will be able to regain/hold the center of my battle line long enough for my forces on the right flank to fall behind the steeper hills and the brigades of Crawford, Hill and Nightingall on my left flank for a chance to regroup.

French dragoons rout the center.  The 9th regiment is ridden down on the banks of Toledo brook outside Vimeiro.