Les Grognards - Battle of Vimeiro Update

Days after the balttle of Rolica, General Arthur Wellesley's Anglo-Portugese force is attacked by French forces under General Junot near Vimeiro, Portugal.

This battle is represented in the Peninsular mod for Les Grognards and so far it has been quite enjoyable.

The battle plan.  French forces started east of Wellington but quickly move to turn his army's left flank.

British forces under Anstruther deploy to the center along a valley floor. With Lawson's battery engaging the French forces further up the valley.
Lawson's battery engages the advancing French.

Meanwhile on the British right flank, British and Portugese cavalry move onto a height overlooking the valley.
British Dragoons wait in formation.

The Portugese commander Nicholas Trant's cavalry detachments wait west of the Dragoons and obscured by trees.
Portugese cavalry at the ready.

The fighting in the center erupts with French infantry exchanging volleys with British Regulars under Ackland. Ackland is pushed back and withdraws and good order.
The 57th Foot withdraws in good order.

Further east of the 57th, French cavalry mass and charge Lawson's battery twice, knocking it out.
French line Infantry advance beyond the charred remains of Lawson's battery.

With Lawson knocked out, the French cavalry is now swinging further west to engage Anstruther's remaining regiments.
French charge!

With Ackland withdrawing in good order down the valley, Wellington moves up Crawford's division to engage the French infantry. Highlander skirmishers lead the way.
Highland skirmisher race to relieve Ackland.

Wellington using the terrain to his advantage move's Nightingales division past the advancing French right flank.
With the ridge keeping them hidden from sight, the French right flank will never see Nightingale coming.

More to follow....