Evening Firefight: Scourge of War: Gettysburg

I purchased the Antietam expansion for this game today because the more I learn about the game the better it gets and the level of historical accuracy is unbelievable.

Excited to play something, I set up a quick 30 minute firefight today on the Culp's Hill map in the game "sandbox" ( a battle generator).  I played as the Confederates and commanded McLaws Division in Longstreet's Corps. 

Previously, I played this game moving each regiment individually but the scale has forced me to learn how to move on a brigade level.  My objective was Lady Farm (or Lake farm) outside of Gettysburg.  I quickly seized the heights above the farm with a brigade of infantry and moved up a battery of cannons.

Semmes brigade engaged the Union army first, deploying on both side of the road leading into the farm.

Wofford's brigade marches double quick up the hillside out of sight of the Union army and deploys on Semmes' left flank.

Wofford's men arrive and engage the army.

I ended up winning this sandbox game after the 30 minute time limit had expired.  The cannons deployed along the ridge plus two veteran brigades caused over 200 casualties in less than 10 minutes.