Command Ops: Red Devils over Arnhem

Day 2 at Arnhem.
This is Command Ops: Highway to the Reich.

4th Bde has arrived on Groote Heath. I've moved them off without incident into the 1st Airborne perimeter. Rather than send 2nd Bn (Frost) to the bridge I put him in a blocking position at Renkum along the highway there and instead I sent 1st and 3rd Bn's a few hours later. 3rd Bn just secured the Oosterbeek crossing. 2nd South Staffordshires have gotten themselves nearly surrounded in the built up areas around Diependaal. I am trying to withdraw them through a narrow corridor that is still open to Oosterbeek.

I am playing the full scenario and anxiously awaiting the arrival of XXX corps on Day 5. I seem to have the resupply zones defended. 2nd S. Staffs came within 2 kilometers of the bridge before being pushed back.

Day 3 Arnhem
Day 3:  A German KG from the looks of it has pushed me out of Oosterbeek and away from 1st Airborne. Dire situation for 3rd Bn.

Having to hold the drop zones until day 3 at least is a real pain but I need those guns. I also need to be resupplied.

This is the supply situation (highlighted icon). I need to hold the air drop supply entry point on Renkum Heath for another 2 days before I can move my units to the river. If I can keep the resupply going. I think I can get XXX corps across ahead of the historical timetable.

Day 3 supply entry point (highlighted icon).
Final thought on Day 3 now. The German use of the highways has really put me on my heels. Their mobility is a real factor in 1st Airborne's demise.

I plan on finishing this scenario (which I have never done).  Please stay tuned!


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