Saturday, December 30, 2017

Command Ops - Highway to the Reich - Red Devils over Arnhem - Alternative Scenario

This alternative reinforcement schedule drops the Polish Parachute brigade south of the Arnhem bridge on Day 1.
I have been reading "Battle for the Rhine 1944 Arnhem and the Ardennes" by Robin Neillands.
In the chapter covering the 1st Airborne Division drop at Arnhem, Neillands suggests that a Day 1 drop of a parachute brigade south of the bridge might have given the Allies the bridge they needed over the Rhine regardless of  the German forces in the Arnhem area.

To test this hypothesis I loaded up the Command Ops: Highway to the Reich game and amended the "Red Devils over Arnhem" scenario.  I have changed the "Historical" reinforcement schedule in this version of the scenario and given the Polish Parachute brigade a series of Day 1 drops in and around Driel.

To test this hypothesis for yourself, you can download the scenario file "Red Devils over Arnhem - Alt" for Command Ops  HERE.

NOTE:  This is for Command Ops and not Command Ops 2.  Place the file in the scenarios folder for HTTR.


Bert Saerens said...

Interesting, have to take a look at it

Chris said...

Thanks Bert. I have also revised the original 9 day scenario to 2 days (with the Poles drop on Day 1 instead of Day 5). I have CO1 and CO2 versions of it.

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