UPDATED: Command Ops 1+2 - 48 Hours at Arnhem - Alternative Scenario

Arnhem bridge.

Command Ops Highway to the Reich contains a number of iconic scenarios.  One of them is called "Red Devils Over Arnhem," which is a historically faithful simulation of the 1st Airborne Division's long and mostly lonely struggle to secure a bridge over the Rhine deep behind enemy lines.

The original plan called for a 48 hours relief of the Red Devils by XXX Corps but the plan didn't match the reality of the battlefield.  Historian Robin Neillands contends in the book "Battle for the Rhine 1944 Arnhem and the Ardennes" that a brigade of paratroopers dropped south of the bridge might have been the difference in the battle had XXX Corps truly relieved the Red Devils according to the original timetable.

That hypothesis assumes the early arriving para brigade to the south and the other forces on the ground would have been able to overcome the German defenders and subsequent counter-attack.

Yesterday I altered the "Red Devils Over Arnhem" scenario and pushed up the Poles timetable for reinforcement from Day 5 to Day 1.  However I didn't change the 9+ day length of the original scenario.

This morning I altered the length of the scenario, altered the historical reinforcement schedule for both sides and altered the victory conditions for both sides.  I have kept the early arrival of the Poles.

So now, you can play the scenario at just 48 hours in length to see if you can capture and hold the bridge without the monster investment in time of the original 9 day scenario.

To download the Command Ops 48 hour scenario GO HERE.

To download the Command Ops 2 48 hour scenario and map GO HERE.


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