Pike & Shot: Ligny 1815 Mod by Edward77

I dusted off my P&S game in my STEAM account and powered it up this morning to check out the very robust modding community.  Along with downloading scenarios for Isandlhwana and Freeman's Farm (Battle of Saratoga) I also downloaded and played for a good while the Battle of Ligny scenario designed by Edward77.

The French center at Ligny.  The map is beautifully done.
I chose the default positioning for the French forces with Napoleon attacking in a V formation (his cavalry is on his right flank) with his reserves of Heavy Cavalry, Old and Young Guard held in reserve at the vertex in the village of Fleurus.

The French right flank.  I have Cav. Corps under Milhaud positioned here to screen agains the Prussian advance. 
Here I am 3 turns in locking horns with the Prussian forward line around St. Armand.

I love the added detail in this graphic of the Roman Road in the upper right corner.  Little things like that amp up the immersion.
The graphics for this are great.  The historical releasing of the units seems to be accurate.  I was of course very excited for the Old Guard arrival.  Unit gradation is handled pretty well by the scenario designer.  There are some minior quality quibbles (ie the French cavalry corps on the right flank is full of well equipped highly trained soldiers but they only rate Above average).
The game engine can't simulate everything.  Units can't form square which was a center piece of this period's warfare and the fear that horse units inspired isn't really accounted for.  The charge below would never have happened during the period.

Here, brigades from III Corps charage into the Prussian cavalry brigades of  Blucher's1st Corps on the slopes of the hill on the French left that overlooks the Prussian lines.
I am pretty sure infantry wouldn't have left their square to attempt the above attack against four brigades of Prussian cavalry.  This isn't the designers fault, it is just something you have to deal with if you want to try and play this scenario which is well outside the original scope of the Pike & shot engine.

It was clear after a half-dozen turns that the designer put a lot of effort into this scenario and did a really good job with it.  I would say combat feels about 80% right (the difference is the undervaluing the cavalry (and so their role is different) and the absence of formations like the square).

All of that said, if you like Napoleonic warfare and own Pike & Shot you should absolutely download this scenario and try it.  I'd like to end by thanking Edward77 for this scenario and the others he has made like (Eylau) which I am going to download soon.


zu Pferd said…
Hello edward77
I downloaded a your Ligny and Eylau scenario for Pike and Shot
I had a go with both of them and liked them.
I posted questions on Slitherine Forum as well.

I noticed in Eylau as the French( Davout Corps) arrives and I try to flank
the Russian advanced line on the left
the AI stacks the Russians one behind the other, thus any volley fire
comes from behind friendly Russian units(obstacles turned to 45 or not)
the Manual speaks of a reduction of fire power in this instance but I have not noticed any significant reduction is there anyway to correct this?

Is there any way to correct the ranged musket fire (again manual says
2 short 4 long) given the scale of the map is there a way to correct this ?(a tile 50 yards would give a comfortable 200 yards maximum historical muzzle loaded
musket range for that period)
Moving and Firing seems odd as well for high hits results.
I realize you didn't write the code for the game but maybe you have some ideas
about how to correct or...not :)

Artillery does not limber up to move (that which can) is this a bug?
Are you planning Italian Campaign battles pre 1800 to 1800 ? :) :)

Thank you again for the expansion into the Napoleonic period
zu Pferd said…
PS 4 tiles 200 yards is what I meant to write....
Chris said…
Thanks for the comments! I need to still finish up Ligny. I am looking forward to Eylau!

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