Command Ops 2 Korsun

A zoomed in view of the Korsun battlefield.
Command Ops 2 Korsun help needed:

Does anyone know of a good online source for Soviet Rifle Div breakdowns during WW2? I am looking for the regimental #s. I have for Guards divisions but need for regular units.

If you do, please leave me a comment below.

Specifically I am looking for regimental info on the following rifle divisions:

375 Rifle Div
138 Rifle Div
214 Rifle Div
111 Rifle Div
78 Rifle Div
84 Rifle Div


asdovas said…
The russian history researchers mainly have their blogs on For example this is one of the top russian WW2 historian Alexey Isaev, but there are a lot of others who are conducted researches more specifically, about only one front, or one operations, or a concrete type of a equipment. They are so numerous it is difficult to say which of them you need for. Maybe Try to wait when will make new post ( it is not very custmary on the livejournal to discuss in old posts) and then get your message there. Maybe (maybe) you will be lucky and a man who knows the answer will speak english and will tell you what you need.
Chris said…
Thank you Asdovas! I will try that.
asdovas said…
And one more thing- better write in english, dont use the google auto translation, it translates from russian into english more or less, but when it does from english to russian it is going something awful, frequently with a strange sexual implication so all are getting giggles.
Chris said…
LOL! Okay will do!

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