Panzer Battles Demo Is Available Now


The FREE Panzer Battles Demo is an introduction to the Panzer Battles franchise. This Demo is intended to showcase the diversity of situations the game system can handle as well as provide an opportunity for a new generation of scenario designers to publish their handiwork. It’s also intended to test new game systems and theatres before inclusion in full commercial titles. We hope that with the provision of this free Demo, more players will be introduced to the game system.

A screenshot of one of the Eastern Front scenarios.

Included Scenarios

The Panzer Battles Demo, on release includes 13 playable scenarios and a further 5 reference scenarios ranging from 5 turns to 32 turns in length. Representative battles from the Pacific, North Africa, Eastern and Western Europe are included with examples of small (battalion/regiment), medium (division) and large (corps) engagements.

  • May 1940; Belgium - Battle of Hannut 2 scenarios
  • March 1941; North Africa – Mersa el Brega 4 scenarios
  • August 1942; Guadalcanal – Tenaru River 2 scenarios
  • July 1943; Russia – Klyuchi (Getting Started) 1 scenario
  • August 1943; Russia - Bogodukhov 4 scenarios

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I was very lucky to be involved with this project and worked on the Eastern Front scenarios for the demo.  

To learn more about and to download the demo go here.