Squad Battles: "Night Crossing" Is Available For Download

Nov 23, 1941: A mixed Kampfgruppe Led by Major Gustav Gratz attempts a nighttime river crossing against unknown Soviet forces.  
Scenario Description:

Nov 23 1941: The full moon and an early snow has given off enough light for Major Gustav Gratz to have a good sense of the Soviet opposition across the river, which is minimal. Eager to maintain the initiative for the division, Gratz decides to risk a river crossing with two infantry platoons, a pioneer platoon and a pair of IG-18 75mm Infantry guns.  Kampfgruppe Gratz is also supported by a platoon of tanks, (though one has been knocked out by a hidden AT gun across the river).  These tanks however can only provide fire support as the bridges across the river look to be unable to support their weight.  Moving quickly is paramount because there is less than an hour before dawn.

Length: 8 turns
Base Game: Advance of the Reich

There are three files that need to be downloaded for this scenario:  Borisov OOB (Center), Night Crossing (Center).Scn and MapSmallRiverCrossing.map.