Panzer Battles: Stalingrad City Map Available for Download

This is a map of the full city that I created using the editor awhile back.  I traced a WWII German army map to make this.  It is sitting in my game folder basically unused (except for my "Paulus Attacks" scenario slice of it).  If you want to try your hand at the in-game editors for Kursk I encourage you to use it!  I would love to play a Stalingrad scenario or two!

After having traced this, I do think the current Panzer Battles scale at 250 meters per hex is wrong for Stalingrad.  If I were going to do a proper game for Stalingrad, I would recommend a 125 meter per hex scale.  I just don't think the larger scale does justice to buildings like the Tractor Works or Red October, etc.


Dave Z said…
Great map! I do agree that Stalingrad needs to be at 125m per hex. I'd love to get my hands on that map editor to do some Kursk Battles at 125m per Hex. I have both German and Russian maps date from 1940-43 @ 1:500000.

Great work keep it up.

Chris said…
Thanks Dave! I actually think there is a 125m per hex stalingrad panzer battles game in our future. Just not sure when!
Dave Z said…
Great to here! There are so many scenario possibilities with Stalingrad @ 125m per hex; endless hours creating scenarios. Is the map editor/maker for sale or is it internal use only?

Thanks again.
Chris said…
Hi Dave. Unfortunately, the editor is for internal use only for now.

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