Panzer Battles: "Paulus Attacks" is Available For Download

A German aerial photo of the Tractor Works 1942.

I am almost done with my work on the Panzer Battles demo.  While I have been working on two scenarios for it, I have also been fooling around with a concept series of quick battles set in World War II that are semi-historical.  My goal is to create a series of small scenarios (10-16 turns in length), which any player should be able to finish in under two hours and hopefully closer to one!

If you are like me, I relish the time to game but I don't have too much of it at my disposal!

I hope this series (maybe 3-4 scenarios from the Eastern and Western fronts) will fill that void for Panzer Battles fans.

First up, is "Paulus Attacks!"

The scenario description:

Stalingrad, Sep. 17, 1942 09:30hrs: The German 6th Army is turning it's attention to the Fabrikstadt section of Stalingrad and in particular the sprawling Tractor Works Factory.  Elements of the GE 389th Inf Div and the 16th Pz Div (KG v. Arensdorff) have been designated to lead the attack. Overnight the Luftwaffe has bombarded the railyards of the Tractor Works and the spires of black smoke from the burning train engines they destroyed can be seen from the hills west of the City where the German forces are preparing for the attack.  Overhead, German air superiority has been achieved and German columns of infantry and tanks are driving to objectives deep in the City and along the Volga.  The Soviet 62nd army has thrown it's limited reserves into counterattacks across the City in an attempt to stall the 6th Army advance.

Length: 16 turns

This is for the Battles of Kursk: Southern Front base game.


Chris said…
I should say that I achieved a German major victory this morning when playtesting this but then revised the victory point totals higher to make it more difficult and made a few other tweaks.
HMS said…
Downloaded the scenario and it will not run. where should all the downloaded file go?
Chris said…
Hi HMS. I have uploaded the PDT file to that folder too. PErhaps, I am using an older or newer version than you are. See if adding that into your game files helps. The map, pdt, oob and scenario files all go in the main Kursk folder. Let me know if that helps.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the scen, is interesting, maybe now engine is not the best for urban warfare but i dont find it so bad like PzC (i think in Budapest title and the urban assault).

Until i know since last patch main folder is no more time a destiny for files, now you need place .scen and .map in Scenarios folder and the .OOB file (and .pdt if is included) into Data folder.

Nice you finish your job in demo... but 2 scens??? if i dont remember bad i read you worked in the post-Kursk scen... whats your 2nd scen if is possible know it??? and if you can do a preview is wellcome hehehe.
HMS said…
putting it in the data folder worked. THANKS!!!
HMS said…
Chris said…
Saw your post about it in FB. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Me-109s need some soft/hard factors...Looks good though...Be interesting to see how this engine handles city fighting at a lower scale.
Anonymous said…
Good day, Chris! Thank you for high quality content! Stalingrad, this is very interesting. Best Regards, Roman.
Chris said…
Hi Anon. I think the scale should be lower at 125m per hex. I don't think the 250m hexes do justice to the sprawling factories in Stalingrad.

Hi Roman. I love learning about this battle. Glad you like it!

Gary said…
I would love more quick battles set in World War II for Panzer Battles Normandy!!

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