Campaign 1776: "The Head of Elk" Scenario Is Available For Download

A British fleet at anchor.
This is a what-if battle set shortly after the historical British landing at the Head of Elk, Maryland in 1777.

Scenario Description:

August 1777, Head of Elk, Maryland:  General Howe after dithering in New York has landed on the Head of Elk peninsula in between the Elk, North East and Susquehanna rivers in Maryland as the preliminary move to flanking the Continental Army's Delaware river defenses as he marches on Philadelphia. Over 5,000 British regulars have landed with Howe, while other British transports sail up the Chesapeake Bay to join them.  Eager to take advantage of the situation, General Washington has rushed forward from Philadelphia to attack the British with a mixed force of local militias and Continental Light Infantry.  This scenario is best played as the British.  The main British objective is Elkton, Maryland on the Elk river.

Length: 24 Turns

This scenario uses the in-game Brandywine 00B, the Brandywine PDT file, the 1776 Settled Map and my scenario file called "Head of Elk."


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