AGEOD: H Force Heads West - Sepoy Mutiny Part II

Henry Havelock seems to be my best commander in India at this point.  He is well admired by his troops and is an able tactician.  He is leading the relief force from Calcutta that will secure the neighboring states before marching towards the heart of the Mughal Rebellion in Delhi.

My resumption of the game begins with an important victory in the Northwest.  It was a small fight but it eliminated the last resistance north of the Ravi river.

With MG Barnard's victory in Lahore.  The Thin Red Line is established north of the Ravi river.

I didn't know there was a news feature in this game until now.  Nice immersion feature and the arrival of the new India commander should be a positive development.
India has a new commander and a leadership team that have arrived. 
Playing as the British Empire, the Indian Theater has some real challenges.  First the lack of commanders in-theater is an on-going problem. Units without commanders operate with penalties, so any important maneuvers need to be done with a leader.  Otherwise they seem destined to fail.  This makes for some interesting strategic decisions, especially in the face of this very fluid rebellion.

There are also some bad commanders which is a feature of this game that I really, really like. Thankfully you know who is good and who isn't ahead of time with the attributes AGEOD has given each. My sense is they are historically accurate but perhaps not.

There are 64 leaderless units right now.  Wow! This is a really nice filtering system for the forces list that lets you monitor important unit stats.
India is huge and because of that, the time and effort it takes to march cross-country is daunting.  This seems to make longer term plans (a series of turns) seem pointless as the situation on the map is constantly changing.
A 48 day march up the Bengal coast. By the time N Force gets to Calcutta it could be in enemy hands.
Anyway, more to follow soon, including some thoughts on the British "Depot" system in India.


Anonymous said…
It would be nice to have more developed commanders with hidden skills and traits.
In reality it was all political and biased. So a very bad commander was often given post over intelligent and inventeous one.
Chris said…
I agree Anon. It would also be neat to have commanders skills upgraded based on in-game experience. Even a bad commander can luck into a winning situation and learn something from it.

When I see some of these commanders, I am reminded of those bad officer counters in Squad Leader that you sometimes had to suffer through.

Anyway, I appreciate the wrinkle that some of the hot-heads and bad commanders add to this game.

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