"Firefight" On Steam - I think you will like it!

This @#$% just got real. My probe to the canal has run into at least a platoon of Panzergrenadiers. One of them has a MG that cut one of my squads in half.  I lost three men about five seconds into this scenario.  The MG squad is about to get 3 rounds of HE called down on it.

Thanks to JC's post on Real and Simulated Wars this week about this $9.99 Close Combat clone called "Firefight," I dove in and purchased the game.

This game has a total of 9 maps with eight scenarios per map.  The scenarios are all from the Western Front and they begin right before the fall of France in May 1940 and go through 1944.  If there is a 1945 scenario I've missed it.  The armies included are the British, Americans, French and Germans.  You apparently only play as the attacker which is fine by me.  I avoid playing tactical games where I feel like I am a Spartan at Thermopylae (unless it is a Stalingrad game).

I love the simplicity of the scenario main screen.  Click on a map and the corresponding scenarios will appear.

This is your scenario menu.  I chose "Probe in strength" for my baptism by fire.

My first thought is that this game is fun. Without a soundtrack the only thing I heard was machine gun fire, M-1 Garand fire and cries of "Medic" echoing around the battlefield.  Despite the top down view and lack of background music, the game feels very immersive, though I can see how repeated cries for medics could get annoying.

There isn't a scenario editor but I would LOVE for it to have one.  A DLC for the Eastern Front would be awesome and I would pay another $9.99 for that. I think this game would also be great with multiplayer.
Some smarter play by me.  I am dropping smoke on these German strongpoints and attempting to flank them.  Rule of thumb for Firefight: don't cross open fields unless you have a base of supporting fire setup that can suppress the enemy.
Suppress, move and flank seems to be the key.  It might get repetitive but right now it is a lot of fun.


RangerX3X said…
Nine maps with eight scenarios each and you always play as the attacker has me questioning if there is a repetitive scenario template being used on each map, is there? Overall the game looks very interesting and the price point seems more than fair given the lack of bells and whistles.
Chris said…
Hi Tim. I do think the missions are a little repetitive but I've found because you are fighting as either the British, French, Americans or Germans the variety comes in the modeled hardware. I've enjoyed learning the hard way which early war armor was complete crap for the Brits and which German tanks are to be absolutely feared.

The 9 maps are different from each other too but I think the designer could have done a better job finding a little variety in the location. I really like this title and if you could get it for $6 or $7 on a Steam sale it would be a steal.

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