Panzer Battles - Komarovka 1944 - Available for Download

This is a small fictional scenario for Panzer Battles.  The setting is 10km east of Narva, Estonia and the Soviet 2nd Shock Army is probing the German lines.

Scenario Description:

March 5, 1944 06:00hrs   Komarovka, Estonia:    The German army is retreating across Estonia to the strong point of Narva and it's medieval fortifications.  In early March, the III SS Panzer Corps is fighting a series of rearguard actions as the defensive line is fortified behind them.    At Komarovka, 10kms east of Narva. 6 Coy II Bn of the 47 SS Gren Regt is conducting a reconnaissance in strength with a platoon of Tiger I tanks from the 502nd Heavy Panzer Battalion.  The new II battalion commander Major Alfons Rebane is leading the probe when they run into the forward elements of a mixed force of Soviet rifle infantry and armor from the 2nd Shock Army.    Complicating matters, the lead Tiger has run out of gas just outside of the village.  Rebane, a native Estonian, decides to hold his ground against the Soviets until the Tiger tank can be removed to the rear.  His plan is to occupy the old German defensive positions here and hold them indefinitely.

Turn length: 20 turns

To download this scenario click here.  You will also need to download the map and oob files in this folder.

I am not sure about the Victory Point totals so if you think the VPs are too hard to reach or too easy to reach, let me know and I will adjust them.


Anonymous said…
Thank you very much! This is very interesting and neat scenario and map.

Best Regards, Roman Burichenko.
Chris said…
Thank you Roman! I hope you like it. It can be challenging from both sides of the map.
michaelangelo said…
Great job, thank-you!
Chris said…
Thanks Michaelangelo!