WiTE - Operation Bagration

This is the extreme left of the German line at the onset of Operation Bagration.  SS Narva Detachment.
I always wanted to design a Command Ops scenario for the fighting around Narva.  I did make a smaller Command Ops Platoon level scenario set along the road into Narva.  Anyway, the scope of Gary Grigsby's War in the East is immense and I am psyched to have purchased a Steam Bundle this week that includes the base game, as well as the Don to the Danube DLC and the Lost Battles DLC.  Operation Bagration comes in the latter DLC and is truly awesome in scope (see jump map in lower left corner).

I expect I will be blogging quite a bit about this game over the next few weeks, as well as some PBEM that I am doing with Doug of Cry Havoc (JTS' Tunisia 43).


Doug Miller said…
Eager to hear how you like the game. If you haven't you might look at Jison's MapMod for WitE. The default map is quite nice, but Jison's mod is even nicer.
Chris said…
The map mod looks great.

Couple of thoughts/questions:

Is there a way to speed up AI battle resolution? Also, is there a way to put air war on auto-pilot so to speak?

The detail is mind blowing. Existing map looks great. The center of the German line for Bagration is a mess! I know nothing about the battle but 4th army looks to be screwed.
C said…
You can speed it up by dropping the combat detail level. Zero is the least detail, with 7 showing you every single squads outcome.

For the most part you can leave the air settings alone. If you feel spunky try the AI resolution for air field bombings. In almost every regard the Air settings allow air support to happen during regular combat ops. Only rarely do I ever send out bombers or fighters on my own.

Recon though can be worth doing, or just hit the AI button.
Anonymous said…
Dear Doug,
I have yet to try this but my worries is about the scale vs weekly turns. I'm coming from TOAW 3 and for that scale I think the Directive 21 with two turns per week to be just about right.
On a weekly turn an armoured divs should be able to make a 200km breakthrough and be followed by infantry divs encircling the enemy corps or even whole armies. When I played TOAW EF scenarios with weekly turns it never worked right. How does it look for WiE?
Chris Adamus
Chris said…
Thanks C! Great tips.
Hi Chris,
How does it work with weekly turns and the scale of 10 miles per hex?
I've tried them on TOAW 3 and it was really bad. The whole operational idea is build on the ability to properly reacty. I've played Directive 21 scenario with 2 turn per week and it was acceptable yet not ideal. I mean in a week a lot can happen. The best part of Market Garden or Wacht am Rhein happened within a week. With weekly turns and such a scale important events than changed the outcome of the whole ops are gone. And the front is not well represented. I had a feeling that there was no front at all. And I could rush with Divs deep into enemy lines with little consequences.
Is this different in WiE?
Chris said…
Hi Christopher. Great comments. I don't think I know enough yet about this game to say.
The scenarios represented within the game are the bigger operations. The battles which took less time aren't really represented. The Bagration operation I am currently playing is 9 turns long and the front runs from Narva on the Baltic to Hungary. You definitely do get those moments of angst where you are watching armor units rush into holes and your are unable to really respond until it is your turn (days later). I've not seen a ridiculous breakthrough though and the AI seems to be cautiously aggressive (might be a function of easy mode that I have chosen). Stay in touch with the blog. I will post a lot more about this game and look to specifically address your concerns.
Thanks Chris for your reply.
7 turns for Bagration really sounds strange to me. I will follow your updates :)
Chris said…
9 turns for Bagration is strange. Will let you know how things play out.

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