Wargaming 2016

My grand plan for wargaming in 2016 is to do more of it.  I've got a list of titles on my laptop I want to try and finish as well as some table top games I've yet to crack into.

My top priorities for tabletop gaming this year are:

Ukraine 43
Danube 20
La Patrie en Danger 1814- The Campaign in France, Part I - 29 January - 14 February, 1814

My top priorities for digital gaming are:

Peninsular War from JTS
Battles of Normandy from JTS
Command from Matrix
Flashpoint Germany Reforged from Matrix

As far as using in-game editors, I have more I would like to help with on the Panzer Battles front, I'd like to get my hands on the Campaign 1776 editors and model out the New York fighting in 1776 and I would also like to release the Westwall scenarios I started for Panther but didn't have the time to finish:  Bäke Comes West, Flanking Metz and the Siegfried Switch.


florian said…
Hi !

We could play some "Battles of Normandy" against each other (PBEM) if you like !
Ar you on the blitz forums ?
Chris said…
Hi Florian. That sounds good for some point soon. I am in the forum. My username is Hillrat.
Danube 20 and la patrie en danger...
Do you play them live?
Live with vassal?
Pbem with vassal?

I am trying to understand operational napoleonic art of war

I am a cmd ops aficionado, trying to find something similar for 1800-15

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