Panzer Battles: Perekop 1941 Coming Soon

This weekend I am going to release, a gaming project I have been working on: three additional scenarios for John Tiller Software's Panzer Battles: Kursk.  These scenarios are set in 1941 and have historically accurate OOBs and a brand new map.

This project would not be possible without the blessing, counsel and help of David Freer and Mike Avanzini. The historical basis of these scenarios is Robert Forczyck’s book Where the Iron Crosses Grow, the Crimea 1941-44

THE BATTLE On September 17, 1941 having assumed command of the 11th Armee, General Erich von Manstein shifted the strategic focus of the army away from Melitipol and instead towards breaking into the Crimea by way of the Perekop isthmus. After a lengthy reconnaissance of the Soviet defenses there, General Hansen of the LIV Corps was instructed to begin his attack against Perekop and the Tartar Wall defensive line on the morning of September 24. Over 2,000 replacements, artillery assets and part of LSSAH were assigned to Hansen to assist with and exploit the breakthrough.
Seizing and holding the Brick Factory in Armyan'sk is one of the key objectives for the 25 turn Across the Tartar Ditch scenario. 

The Perekop isthmus - gateway to the Crimea.  

I am zipping up the files now and will post them later today.


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