Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa

The tip of the spear for 11th Army is the Romanian 1st Armored Division!
Against the wishes of some within the German High Command, I made a strategic decision to give the Romanians a seat at the table for the opening of the Barbarossa offensive.  We will see what the long term implications are, but in the short term I am relying on them to help the 11th Army drive on Odessa.

I will be blogging periodically about Barbarossa for the next few weeks.  I am super excited about this game and I can't wait to see if I can get to Moscow by winter!


Anonymous said…
Looking forward to your impression of it. I'm very disappointed by this game. The human factor is very nice yet it has been implemented only halfway through. We still are more or less in a Godmode controlling all the units.
Also the decisions although have implications on the outcome of the campaign I have found them to be of little importance. Literally being hated by everyone I managed to do what I wanted with no consequence. And that is disturbing.
Also the game is based on some strange compromises. We command the whole front pushing division chits twice a week. What it suppose to represent? This is no longer limitation of human players and a table. We are digital now.
I hope to see a game where the element of unpredictability will be reflected by AI controlled subordinates with more personalities behind the generals. Unfortunately it is still far from it.
Chris Adamus