Squad Battles - Mosul, Iraq November 2015 (UPDATED)

This is a fictional mission I created for John Tiller's Squad Battles Modern War. I had wanted to create a Mosul scenario using Command Ops and actually completed the map for it, but I don't have the time to invest in creating a modern warfare estab for the game.

Since the JTS title "Modern War" has a Mosul map I am using it as the basis for some fictional gaming against ISIS.

Briefing:  A Doctors Without Borders team including a French national and two Spanish nationals was seized by ISIS militants and subsequently imprisoned in Mosul.

SIGINT provided to Coalition commanders has helped pinpoint their location to an abandoned amusement park on the Tigris inside Mosul.  Captured by ISIS's Sinai Brigade, they are watched around the clock, though overnight this force is dramatically reduced.  Fearing their imminent execution, two US Special Forces teams have been sent in to free the prisoners in a daring nighttime raid.

The basis for this OOB is the Debacka scenario OOB.

Two teams of Green Berets are moving into position outside of an abandoned Amusement park where three western hostages are being held.  Across the street is another objective: the Yazidi Prisoners compound.


Half way through the mission and only after assaulting the position, I have seized the tunnel in the amusement park where the western hostages were being held. 

I fail to free the Yazidi Christians being held after suffering heavy losses.
In the end I scored a major victory but it felt like a major loss.  Seven SOF guys lost their lives including Captain Nelson and Staff Sergeant Evans.  The Sinai Brigade lost 6 bad guys.

I am going to make a couple of tweaks to the scenario and give a different load out for the SOF teams.  They have some legacy javelins that I didn't bother to switch from the Debecka scenario and I am going to replace the 50 cal MG they are hauling around with something lighter.  And I am going to change their start positions. I think they would have inserted closer to their objectives than where I had them starting.