Squad Battles Modern War Mission Available For Download - Mosul 2015

This is a fictional mission I created for John Tiller's Squad Battles Modern War.

Since the JTS title "Modern War" has a Mosul map and detailed OOBs I am using it as the basis for some fictional gaming against ISIS.

Briefing:  A Doctors Without Borders team including a French national and two Spanish nationals was seized by ISIS militants and subsequently imprisoned in Mosul.

SIGINT provided to Coalition commanders has helped pinpoint their location to an abandoned amusement park on the Tigris inside Mosul.  Captured by ISIS's Sinai Brigade, they are watched around the clock, though overnight this force is dramatically reduced.  Fearing their imminent execution, two US Special Forces teams have been sent in to free the prisoners in a daring nighttime raid supported by a squad from the 101st Airborne Division.

There are three objectives:  The Amusement Park where the western hostages are held, a Yazidi Prisoners compound and the Sinai Brigade HQ which is nearby.

Intelligence estimates that there are less than 20 ISIS fighters in the area at night.

This 12 turn mission is to seize the objectives, thereby freeing the prisoners and hold them until relieved.

To download the scenario, map and oob for this mission please click here.

Files included:

Mosul2 OOB
Scenario File
ISIS Flag file (this should be added into the Iraqi insurgents folder.  Backup your existing Iraq flag though so you don't lose it when you add the ISIS flag in.)


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